The Ewelme Almshouse Charity
(also known as the Ewelme Trust) Almshouses in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire


The educational objects of the Trust were separated from the Almshouses in 1899 under the terms of the 1897 Education Act.

A body of Governors appointed by the Trust and local authorities now administers The Ewelme Exhibition Endowment (Charity No. 309240) and awards grants for educational purposes. Beneficiaries are young people who are in need of financial assistance and, preferentially, resident in the parish of Ewelme or Marsh Gibbon, the areas of the Trust’s other estates, or the counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire.

Financial assistance is available for:

and for the provision of facilities of any kind not provided by the Local Education Authority for the schools in Estate areas. This therefore means that the schools at Marsh Gibbon, Ragged Appleshaw and Ewelme have all been able to benefit from such assistance.

Further details and information helpful to those who may be interested in applying for a grant are available at the Ewelme Education Awards website.

Ewelme School

Ewelme School is the longest established continuously run state primary school in the country and provides education for 90-100 local children. Highly regarded for its teaching standards, it occupies the same building constructed in 1455 by the Duchess of Suffolk under the original Chantry Foundation. The buildings form part of the Endowment and are maintained by the Trust, which also financed the provision of additional classrooms in 1998.

Close connections are maintained with Ewelme Church and Ewelme Trustees are represented on the Board of Governors. The Ewelme School buildings are owned by the Ewelme Elementary Educational Foundation (Charity No. 309281) which also contributes towards their repair.